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CES Had Great Content – and Our Awards Made an IMPACT
The All-Digital CES has passed, and as we move into 2021, with a vaccination schedule in place, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just like you, I am hopeful that our industry will get to the point where we can all expect a more “normal” day-to-day business environment soon.
In the meantime, our wonderful editorial staff was busy covering all the fabulous new technology at the virtual show. I was very impressed with many things – among them, a home robot that will do your housework, and a contact lens that will assist with your vision problems and will even play content. No doubt about it, the future is here. Please make sure you see all our great content, to check out what you may have missed.
I also want to congratulate all the Dealerscope 2021 IMPACT Award winners this year. These are some of the best products that are at retail or will soon be. In this issue, we also have in-depth coverage on all manner of related categories, including IoT, connected car tech, TV, health & wellness innovations, and much more. Our contributing editors are covering subjects such as how ecommerce call centers are moving to home call centers during the pandemic. This month, our international perspective turns toward looking at how we do business in the U.S. compared with Europe. We have also covered two other shows that occurred last month: the NRF (National Retail Federation) event and Retail Innovation Week.
In addition, in this issue, we are launching a new column, “Retail on the Run,” where we visit a retailer and conduct an informative interview on how that dealer’s business model is unique, and how they achieve success. This month, we sent our contributing editor to HiDEF Lifestyle in Harrisburg, Pa. Check out this great segment that we will be offering to our readers monthly.
The February Unboxed column features an assessment of the LG Stick CordZero Vacuum, which was put to the test in a real-world environment. In addition, we have added a Summary Box feature to our articles, so you can review the main points of our stories in thumbnails before delving deeper into the content. As ever, please send us your feedback. We want to hear from you.