In Brazil, It’s All About Details
Shopping habits in South America’s largest country revolve around free shipping, discounts and promotions
In a country best known for its iconic soccer players (Pele to Neymar), the multitude of annual festivals it throws and, of course, the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil also happens to have the ninth largest economy in the world. As the most populous nation in Latin America, Brazil checks in with a nominal GDP of $1.87 trillion.
According to recent data from FocusEconomics (FE), retail sales in Brazil rose 3.4% month-on-month in seasonally adjusted terms as the country headed into Q4 2020. However, FE has predicted for the year 2020 that retail sales will decline 2.1%, which is up 4.7 percentage points from last month’s forecast. For 2021, the FE panel sees retail sales growing 3.6%, which is down 1.8 percentage points from earlier estimates.
A recent report conducted by consumer behavior researcher Pag/Brasil claims that online shopping is rapidly becoming a habit, as the pandemic has obviously introduced the notion more prominently to the country in 2020. However, the reports adds that local consumers are often encouraged to shop online by features that are sometimes under appreciated in foreign markets. According to the study, Brazilians value details, and pay close attention to product information and specifications. In addition, they also spend more time than most consumers researching online before purchasing a product.
What Brazilian Consumers Value
According to the study, free shipping, discounts/promotions, and lower prices are the top three elements that most influence in Brazilian consumer behavior when shopping online.
Fast delivery service is also much appreciated by shoppers in Brazil, as well as offering alternative payment methods and not requiring a credit card. When purchasing hard goods, warranty availability is also relevant. Brazilians also enjoy shopping from cross-border eCommerce stores. The reasons range from lower prices and reliability to simply guaranteeing that a product is in stock. This comes as no surprise, the report claims, as Brazil has over 23 million cross-border buyers. China, the United States, and Japan are the top three countries with which Brazilians shop cross-border.
Social Media drives eCommerce
Brazilians spend over nine hours online each day, a massive jump from the seven hours per month in 2000, and way above the global average of 6.5 hours per day. And social media is currently one of the main drivers of eCommerce sales
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