Berlin Photo Week 2021: Igniting Fireworks in the Imaging Industry
Enthusiasm builds for Berlin Photo Week 2021
Next year’s Berlin Photo Week 2021 exhibition will ignite an explosion of international events and news about the photo and video imaging industry in Germany’s capital. Leading companies of the imaging industry, and international brands for which images are a key part of their corporate identity, have already confirmed their participation in Berlin Photo Week. Creative artists and media companies, politicians and celebrities will take part, as well as thousands of visitors on site and millions online who love images and image creation.
"Berlin Photo Week’s creative and innovative concept is very convincing, and as one of the leading imaging companies, we are looking forward to being a partner next year,” said Managing Director Consumer Electronics Panasonic DACHNL Kai Hillebrandt.
P.C. Neumann, patron of the arts and philanthropist, is also enthusiastic: "For me, Berlin Photo Week is more than just an event for photography... The event gives free rein to the imagination and is full of inspiring ideas around the world of photography. The Berlin Photo Week is like a visual journey of passion that enriches all areas of life.”
Berlin Photo Week is also supported by an advisory board consisting of well-known personalities from business, culture and politics - and by the Senate of the State of Berlin.

"We are very pleased that Messe Berlin is part of Berlin Photo Week,” Dr. Christian Göke, CEO of Messe Berlin GmbH, remarked. “We are convinced that Berlin will send strong impulses for the sector of imaging to the whole world - socially, economically and culturally. We are particularly enthusiastic about the Berlin Photo Week concept, as it allows us to experience all facets of the world of imaging."

Berlin Photo Week is a conceptually and economically independent project, which will be visible and tangible throughout Berlin from a creative location in the German capital using event satellites. By founding Berlin Photo Week GmbH, Messe Berlin GmbH, the company IMH Imaging Media House GmbH & Co. KG and the founding team of the innovative event format "Berlin Photo Week" have created the legal basis for the joint implementation and development of Berlin Photo Week.

Following its premiere in 2019, the next event will take place in August/September 2021 in Berlin as an exciting and inspiring imaging festival with networking opportunities around the world. "With an experienced and enthusiastic Berlin-Photo-Week team, we will host an inspiring imaging festival next year. In the areas of Imaging Experience, Art & Culture and Creative City, supplemented by an innovative Imaging Technology Conference, we will make the Power of Imaging a tangible experience with the support of our numerous partners," said Wolfgang Heinen, CEO of the new Berlin Photo Week GmbH.
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