Nationwide Marketing Group
Nationwide Marketing Group, Member-Focused and Performance-Driven
Even in today’s unsettled and unpredictable marketplace, Members of Nationwide Marketing Group are thriving. In the face of immense challenges over the past year, Nationwide’s vast network of dealers stood tall and embraced the unusual circumstances. Leaning on an array of digital, marketing, and financial and business services, dealers found opportunities to adapt and evolve while continuing to offer their customers innovative ways to shop with them — both in-store and online.
With more than 5,000 Members who operate some 14,000 storefronts, Nationwide’s retailers represent the most influential voices in the Independent appliance, electronics, furniture, bedding, outdoor entertainment and connected services industries. The group’s semi-annual PrimeTime events provide the largest gathering of Independent dealers in the channel’s history — even when those gatherings have to happen in a virtual setting. Part product exhibition and buying show with some of the deepest deals of the year, and part educational conferences with a curriculum of hundreds of sessions, PrimeTime is attended by thousands of Members and Vendor Partners. It also provides Member-to-Member networking, access to key decision-makers and industry authorities, plus updates on the latest trends and issues affecting Members’ businesses.
Nationwide Member Benefits Include:
  • Unmatched scale for the largest aggregate purchasing opportunities in the channel.
  • PrimeTime, the industry’s largest Independent buying show and Member conference.
  • Group-exclusive sheltered products and private labels available in every major category.
  • Industry-leading and group-supported digital marketing programs and website design services, which are constantly updated based on results from the channel’s largest reservoir of competitive data.
  • Free access to powerful data-driven tools through the PriMetrix suite of programs, including personalized market share analysis, the Assortment Rationalization Tool (ART) and the Retail Sales Analytics (RSA) platform.
  • An exclusive partnership with AT&T that lets Members sell cell phones, cellular service, home internet and DIRECTV.
  • Both group-provided and group-supported digital and traditional advertising assets and programs, from web video and TV commercials to in-store video, print materials and more.
  • Group-negotiated inventory finance and retail finance programs, plus low credit card processing and business insurance programs.
  • Nationwide Learning Academy live sessions and workshops, held regionally and during PrimeTime.
  • The Nationwide Learning Academy online, a mobile-optimized video learning platform with hundreds of new learning modules developed each year and hundreds of thousands of Member certifications annually.
  • Nationwide’s eXchange CE purchasing portal, featuring pricing comparisons and product information from the industry’s leading CE distributors.
  • Now is a great time for Independents and an even better time for Members of Nationwide Marketing Group. Learn more at NationwideGroup.org.
Now is a great time for Independents and an even better time for Members of Nationwide Marketing Group. Learn more at NationwideGroup.org.